Grenoble, France

Replacing the rubber grommets of a Corsair fan

I have four Corsair fans (SP120 and AF120) bought in 2014, that are still in use in my computer as of May 2020. They originally came with rubber grommets for vibration dampening and isolation, potentially reducing the fan’s noise. After 6 years most of these rubber grommets started to deteriorate, becoming sticky on the outside and brittle, making it impossible to attach the fans using screws.
I designed replacement grommets and 3D printed them using ABS plastic. The replacements were designed to snap onto the fan’s frame. They present one square face that is slotted onto the frame, limiting it’s rotation. This is essential for self-tapping screws, commonly used for PC fans. The pieces can be glued to fans, although that doesn’t seem necessary.
The grommets were designed in Fusion 360 and printed in ABS with a 0.2 mm layer height and 3 perimeters.
CAD files for 3D printing this model can be found in Thingiverse: Corsair Fan Snap Grommet Replacement SP120 AF120

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