Grenoble, France

Inline switch for low voltage applications with 3D printed shroud

I needed small inline switches to control LED lights in my office. Since I had some round flashlight switches, I tried to fabricate a simple shroud that could be 3D printed, so that the switched could be used with wires, instead of a tube assembly, like that of a flashlight.

I designed the switch in Fusion 360 and used the simple model to create a shroud that locked it in place. The shroud has a small channel below the switch to allow soldering one of the wires to its contact and pass the other one straight through. Two self-tapping screws hold the assembly together.

The switched should be capable of handling up to 30 V and 3 A. I am using it with LED lamps that work at 12 V and 1 A. I couldn’t find a link to this exact switch model, since I bought it online a long time ago and the product page is down, but it has a diameter of 11 mm and the distance between the flat sides is 10 mm.

3D models of the assembly can be found on Thingiverse.

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