Grenoble, France

Plastic Dumbbells

During the COVID-19 pandemic I started to exercise at home and bought some adjustable dumbbells. After a while I realized that I would not use the four 1 Kg weights I had bought, since I had also bought 2 Kg weights that were better suited to the exercises I was doing. Since they were unused due to the lack of a dumbbell, I decided to try designing and 3D printing one.

I created a fairly short model, since it needed to fit on my 3D printer’s heated bed. That ended up being a positive side, because shorter dumbbells allow for different exercises than longer ones, which may interfere in certain movements. The total weight of the printed dumbbells is about 150g, which is much lighter than the metal ones that can be bought in stores. This allows for more flexibility with lower weights.

The model is available at

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