Grenoble, France

Check out Brian Moses’ DIY NAS 2023 Edition!

I’ve been following Brian Moses’ builds since a long time ago and always loved then, specially the EconoNAS. I never had the guts or the funds to make a DIY NAS, so I’m sharing his build in order to participate the constest, but if I don’t win, I will try to get the same motherboard and 2 HDD’s .

If I win this NAS I will use it as my homelab server. Right now I use a Raspberry Pi and a 10 year old laptop as test beds for learning Ubuntu Server, Docker and working with VPN’s. I intend to replace the Pi and laptop with a single computer. Running Docker on a more powerful computer with lots of storage would allow me to:

  • Control my 3D printers with Octoprint and/or Klipper;
  • Host a VPN server to access my LAN from anywhere;
  • Manage and serve my media files;
  • Run a WebDav server for Zotero, which I use to organize and reference the scientific papers I’ve read and collected over the last 10 years as a researcher;
  • Try PiHole and avoid tracking and ads on my lan…

Check out his build in the link:

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